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Robert W. Hessberger, DDS

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived in Norridge for three years. My family then moved to the Lincoln Square—North Center part of Chicago. My German born grandparents started a German restaurant, The Heidelberger Fass or Hessberger’s. My siblings and I were raised upstairs from it. My Grandfather always said we had a million dollar name, and we always wanted to know “where’s the million dollars”.

My father, who also was German born, served as a Captain in The United States Army, 82nd airborne, and jumped on D-Day. Some debilitating injuries he suffered during WWII, as well as family responsibilities, prevented further service. He was extremely reliable and responsible and passed those traits on to my siblings and me as well. I attended all 8 grammar school years at St. Benedict’s and went to church every single day. I liked almost everyone. Our basketball coach, Bill Schaeffer, came out of the “Ray Meyer” DePaul basketball philosophy. Tom Meyer was the High School basketball coach. Coach Schaeffer was like Bobby Knight. Our team consisted of small German and Irish boys sprinkled with a few Italians. We had many set plays, a thorough understanding of the rules. We practiced, practiced, and practiced. Our team would regularly beat bigger and more talented teams. We were so conditioned and executed our plays to perfection. We were driven to win. We were never outcoached. In a typical season we would average 72 wins and 12 losses. My teammates and I have a life-long bond because of what we went through under coach Schaeffer

After the tragic loss of my parents and a brother, I was sent away to St. John’s Military Academy. It was a good place to go: everyone was miserable and I couldn’t feel sorry for my loss. I made the best of what the school had to offer. I received the medal for Best Combined Leadership, Scholarship and Athletics. I then intended on going to The United States Air Force Academy. Just before entering The Academy, I went in a different direction.

I was a ward of the court, living on social security with my younger brother and run-away friend. I went to college on an athletic scholarship and part-time work as a security guard. I played Hockey and Baseball. I made the Athletic Wall of Fame. Years later, I finally gave up baseball and working as a dental technician, to attend The University of Illinois Dental School. The rest is history.

My wife gave up a job transfer to Hawaii the same day I was accepted into Dental School. I did some work while in dental school, and with the help of my wife was able to finish. Because of my solid early family upbringing and values learned during grammar school, as well as Coach Schaeffer’s determination, I am who I am today: Solid, Committed, and Consistent.

My wife and I have two wonderful grown kids. My son won three State High School Hockey titles. He also played hockey at, and graduated from Purdue University. He is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy. My daughter was part of the “Twin Towers” of defense in high school field hockey. She graduated from DePaul University. She now works in procurement and statistical marketing for Chicago’s own Garrett’s Popcorn.

My staff enjoys getting to know our patients on a warm, personal level. I primarily focus on adult dentistry with an emphasis on implants and cosmetics. My practice philosophy is delivering solid, committed, consistent, evidence based, peer reviewed treatment. We respect the patient’s right to choose between treatment options. A variety of payment options allows for patients to receive the care they want and thought they couldn’t afford.

I am an advocate of life long educational pursuits. I received certificates of achievement from nationally and internationally accredited programs. I am most proud of graduating from New York’s Columbia Unv. Implant and Surgical Continuum. The program structured in an Ivy League school. They have world renowned teachers, researchers, and clinicians. The program directors, Dr. Tarnow and Dr. Fine, are the finest around.

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