I have been a patient of Dr. Hessberger for many years and have always been treated with respect. More importantly, the quality of dental service is unmatched. The staff is very professional, always trying to make me as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend his services.

Barry K.

Amazing staff!! All of the employees I came across were kind and professional. I had my two year old with me and they offered to entertain her while I was x-rayed. The hygienist turned my daughter's cleaning into a fun game and she was giggling the whole time. The dental assistant gave her 'cool shades' to wear too! They all made the entire experience much less stressful than a typical dental visit.

Mary S.

Dr. Hessberger is awesome! I had to have a extraction, my last wisdom tooth which I procrastinated on. Dr. Hessberger plucked that sucker out and stitched up the wound and had no pain or discomfort even after the anesthetic wore off. His staff is also very nice, cordial, and professional. I have to go in February to have a root canal. I actually am looking forward to it!

Sean Q.

I love Dr. Hessberger's office. Everyone is super nice! My teeth and gums have improved in the few years I've been seeing him.

Valerie O.

I love this office.. And the entire staff! Always gentle and thoughtful.
Great experience here, would recommend to anyone!

Sarah C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hessberger's for longer than I can remember LOL. His professionalism and friendliness is outstanding. Dr. Bob surrounds himself with the best people, I have always considered everyone at the office my friend. I never had doubts about any service I was to have, and I've had lots of stuff done over the years. I always had the utmost trust that whatever was done would be the best. This may seem like a small thing to some, but the fact that hands are always washed and gloved in front of me before any procedure made me very comfortable.

Unfortunately, I moved from Illinois last year and I left behind an excellent dentist and professional crew. I'm sure that you will be very satisfied with Dr. Hessberger.

Betty M.

such a kind staff ! went in for my first dental exam/cleaning in a long time and they were very friendly and gentle ! would reccomend to all my friends/ family!

Monica O.

I was traveling on business and had just had my wisdom teeth extracted prior. I was in my "healing stages" when I started to have more pain, so I had to find a dentist in a unfamiliar city!

Decided to come by to Dr. Hessberger's office since it was close to where I was staying at the time. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful! I was able to swing by after work to get checked out. He patched me right up (I had a dry socket) and I was out within an hour. Had a follow up appointment and everything went well! I'm one to ask a lot of questions so I understand what's going on and what I had to do afterwards, everyone was very patient and understanding.

Wing L.

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