Root Canal Treatment

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Effective Root Canal Treatment to Restore Your Oral Health

Root canal treatment removes infected tooth pulp and protects the structure from future infections. Robert W. Hessberger, DDS in Chicago IL, is proud to provide gentle root canal treatment that successfully eliminates tooth decay. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Hessberger and his team will make sure you are comfortable and informed while your oral health is restored through root canal therapy. We also offer emergency dental care for patients who are in need of immediate treatment.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

Infection caused by dental decay will eventually spread from the outer enamel and penetrate into the pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is the inner portion of the tooth connected to the tooth roots. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues, and when infected, can cause intense tooth pain and discomfort. In addition to being painful, untreated dental decay can initiate tooth shifting, tooth loss, or other dental issues. 

Root canal therapy is the standard treatment for infection in the pulp chamber. The primary goal of root canal treatment is to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. This is strongly preferred over tooth extraction, which can have negative long-term effects on your oral structure and also weaken the jaw.

Signs that indicate you may have a dental infection that requires root canal therapy include:

  • Tooth sensitivity to temperature even after the hot or cold item is removed from the mouth
  • Discomfort when applying pressure near the affected tooth
  • Darkened tooth enamel
  • Gum tenderness or swelling
  • Tooth discomfort while eating
  • Discoloration or small bumps along the gums
  • A loose tooth

Root Canal Therapy Process

Root canal therapy is a relatively quick procedure. Dr. Hessberger will first numb your tooth and the adjacent gum tissue. He will then create a small hole in the tooth, which will provide access to the pulp chamber. Dr. Hessberger will remove the pulp inside the chamber and sterilize the area. The emptied chamber is filled with a rubber-like substance to provide strength. Finally, the opening will be sealed and the remaining tooth structure will be reshaped in preparation for a dental crown.

We are proud to offer restorations of unrivaled craftsmanship that resemble the translucency and appearance of your surrounding teeth.

Customized Dental Crowns

Following root canal treatment, your tooth will be smaller and structurally compromised. A dental crown can be attached to the tooth, providing the support it needs. Dr. Hessberger is proud to offer restorations of unrivaled craftsmanship that resemble the translucency and appearance of your surrounding teeth. Our restorations are made with dental grade porcelain and designed to withstand significant bite pressure. This allows our patients to have full confidence their dental restoration will last for years.

Alleviate Your Tooth Pain Today

If you are in need of root canal treatment, do not wait any longer for this very important procedure that can restore your oral health and eliminate discomfort. The root canal treatment process is no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling. You can schedule your appointment with Dr. Hessberger by calling our office at (773) 792-5562, or sending us a message using our online contact form.


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